Google Places

Free Website From  Google

How to  Claim Your Now

Google has created 50 million websites for businesses and they are FREE! They cover all types of places, ranging from businesses like tailors and restaurants to places like dog parks and ball fields.

Google search results will begin appearing automatically on Google when they predict someone is looking for local information.

All you have to do is go claim your site now.

See attached sample showing the free sites for Crossville Restaurants.

All those red buttons are free sites already there just waiting to be claimed.

Here’s how to get your site now!

  • Get a Gmail account for the business (it’s free)
  • Set up a forwarding address to your normal mail account.
  • Confirm your Gmail account.
  • Now go to Google places and see your red dot.
  • Claim your site through the Gmail account.
  • Edit your information which can include:

o   Pictures

o   Your website

o   Coupons

o   Maps

o   Specials

o   Etc.

  • Click Finish

That’s it—–Now you have your Google webpage and it’s free!

You can go back and edit the information anytime!

In addition you are now mobile!

Google places is user friendly with the new Smart Phones so when people are out and searching, your website will be visible to them.

This information has been provided by Customer Exploders.

Our purpose is to:

“Explode your customer base with your presence on the internet”.

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