Domain Name

A domain Name is the web address that everyone would search for to get to your website.

in our case,    is the domain name.

It is important to accurately portray what your website is about. You will also want to think about getting multiple Domain Names that would be similar to the initial site. Example’s would be to add the plural or singular, misspellings, abbreviations etc.

Now for the extension. there are many extensions availiable depending on what your site is about. I’m sure you are familular with extension for internet etc.
The one we HIGHLY recommend is .com. This is the “default” that everyone recognizes for a web address. In fact, Google now assumes this if you type in an address and forget the extension they put in the .com for you. For your initial website it should be a .com domain name but you can add other extensions to “lock up” the name, if you like.

An additional caution is to make sure that you own the Domain Name. When most domain names are purchased by a webmaster they get it in their name in order to set up the site. When we do this it is in your name and we get the information needed from you to set up the site. This saves you a lot of trouble if you decide to change webmasters.

The domain name is obtained through company’s that sell them as their business.
We use one called GoDaddy which has an excellent reputation and is very reasonable for their yearly charges.

You can either go to GoDaddy and get your domain name or we can do that for you.