You Need a Local Website! 


If You Are A Business Owner, Take Control Of Your Website. Don’t let a “Web Master” Hold You Hostage………… If You Want To Know How To Get More Customers & More Leads From Online Marketing—- Or if you don’t have a Website now, here is how you can start today!

1. Basic Websites Setup and Configuration (2 hours design time)  – $225
2. Additional production hours with our designer $25 per hour

First, ask yourself these 4 questions.

  • Do you really own your domain name or even have a domain name, the life blood of your online marketing and lead generation process? or does your web guy or gal own and control it (Big mistake #1)
  • Do you have unlimited websites, file storage and monthly usage account under $8 a month, or does your web person/firm charge you more per month or per website? (Big mistake #2)
  • Does it cost you money for every change you want to make to your website, or can you do it yourself from any computer online, anywhere in seconds? (Web folks love to trade hours for dollars, and they hold you hostage. Big mistake #3)
  • Are you happy with the number of new customers and calls you get from your website?

The answers you have are for your business, and if you don’t make these mistakes, we are not for you, but…if you want these mistakes and problems to go away forever, then we solve that problem fast and easy.

If you don’t own your name, own your hosting, or own the ability to make changes at will anytime you want, and you want to know experts who make the web work for you to get more customers than you are right now, then we can start the process for that in less than 2 hours for only $225.

When you work with us, you will learn there is a whole lot more…but here is where you start to fix the problem by getting your first website that you control. We can and will do everything you need from content to design, for an additional fee. But if you are in control, you can choose to do the simple things or all of it yourself. You have to spend either time or money. You decide, but do not be forced to spend money by a web person. Marketing is much more important than what a website site looks like. We make functional websites that make the phone ring.

Step 1. Buy a domain name that you want for your site if you don’t have one already.
We suggest getting your account at Godaddy *
Do not ever let a web design company buy one for you. Always get a “.com” name and

own it in an account you control and pay for yourself.

Step 2. Get a hosting account  at Hostgator * for $6.36 a month for the Baby plan.
You must have a CPANEL Linux hosting account (this is just the geeky, technical type of service you must have for us to guarantee that  we can make this work for you. If you use anything else we can’t promise it will work and it could cost you more, just trust us here). Once you have the services, we help you set it up properly.
Never let a web person buy it for you. Take care of it yourself. When you buy it here and pay for it yourself, you own it for life. This account has unlimited space and you can setup up unlimited websites for only $6.36 a month.

Step. 3 Get your logos, pictures of your business location, pictures of you or your staff, or an idea of what you want to see on your header graphic (that’s whats on the top of your website).

Step 4. If you are ready, call 931.456.1531 to schedule an appointment to discuss your site.
We will guide you on what to do. Then you can schedule our creative session together. You have 2 hours to be picky, but if you take longer, you will be billed $25 per hour for additional time. Don’t do that. You won’t need any additional time if you are prepared and know the content you will be adding to your website.  Most web design firms want to sell you “pretty”. It is not important whether it is red, green or blue but does it sell.
We want you to learn to have control of your content and we believe our sites to be as pretty as theirs.

Step 5. We have a whole lot more that is guaranteed to get you business with your websites.
Call us to discuss when ready 931.456.1531
Option 1 Click here to order your website setup for only $225

You will be redirected to the instructions to schedule your setup with one of our associates.
You session is limited 2 hours, and extra hours are billed at $25 per hour.
But if you are prepared, it will not take longer than 2 hours!


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